SEMIKI INSTRUMENTATION CO., LTD (SMK VN) was officially established in 2016, now SMK VN is a trusted unit in consulting accurate measurement solutions and is a direct owner. and operates website, an online sales, consultation and product introduction website specializing in dynamometer devices of Japanese manufacturer TOHNICHI.

In addition to introducing, consulting and selling, we also want to share and bring to users the right products with high quality, best price from the manufacturer, and develop after sale and service to satisfy the needs of customers in the most comprehensive way.

SEMIKI  has been trusted by customers for their reliability when choosing consultants, providing measuring equipment, consulting solutions, and SEMIKI always makes customers satisfied and always support them.

At SEMIKI, we believe in the power and potential of making connections—between people, ideas, and technology.
We’re dedicated to helping you thrive today, tomorrow, and for the next 100 years.





Tohnichi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Established: May 1949
Business : Manufacture and sale of manual and powered torque devices, mechanical and electronic torque measuring equipment, and software systems.


The history of Tohnichi for 65 years is the history of torque Tools in Japan. Tohnichi Manufacturing was established in 1949.
In that period when the idea of quality control had not yet taken root in the manufacturing industry in Japan, Tohnichi focused on the importance of screw tightening control and developed the country’s first torque wrench. The control of torque is fundamental for quality control in various industries, particularly the automobile industry, and over the following 65 years Tohnichi has developed as the leading company for torque products.



Safety is essential to an affluent and convenient society based on advanced technologies. Our mission is to support social safety through quality improvement by adequate screw tightening control. Based on our developed torque technology and track record over the past 60 years, Tohnichi has been providing high-quality torque products and technical services to contribute to realization of an anxiety-free society as a comprehensive partner of torque technology which helps enhance reliability of your products and business.



SEMIKI-Your Torque Parner- TOHNIHI- Mission Statement


⇒ Contributing To Society Through Advances In Torque Technology

♦ Through bolt tightening technology, we contribute to the creation of a safer world by helping to obtain the highest level of product safety in transportation, information technology, and many other fields that affect our daily lives

♦ Through our vast knowledge and experience in the torque industry, we are able to provide additional services including: theoretical information, application assistance, training seminars, and testing facilities.

⇒ Creating Innovative Torque Products That Exceed Expectations

♦ We strive to create innovative products beyond our customers’ expectations. We are constantly developing new products that are at the forefront of technology, making Tohnichi the leader of innovative torque products in the world.

⇒ Improving Product Reliability

♦ We offer high quality and highly accurate products, which contribute to the overall value for our customer. By implementing bolt tightening systems our customers increase their productivity, product quality, worker efficiency, and their overall product reliability.


TOHNICHI-TorqueWrench is not just another Wrench|


* Our People Are Our Greatest Asset :

SEMIKI has state-of-the-art technology and capabilities, but we are great at what we do because the people who work here genuinely care about our customers and delivering quality work every single day.

Our company continues to grow due to our awesome team. Call us today and see for yourself! There are lots more of us “behind the scenes”.


Semiki instrumentation Co., Ltd
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